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Trolling Gear

Trolling Gear

Trolling Gear

As you know, there are so many items that go into making up a standard downrigger set up. That doesn’t even include setting up the planer board, copper and dipsey rods. Each trolling technique requires specific rods, reels and line to be effective and the experts at FishinGurus.com always stay up on the newest techniques and the latest information.

Great Lakes Trolling

The Great Lakes provides some of the best rolling in the country and to tackle it you need to be armed with some special tackle. After all, there will be times your fishing in 100 feet of water and other times you are long lining just outside a harbor mouths in 20 feet of water. From copper wire to parts for your downriggers, FishinGurus.com on line and in store has you covered and will ensure that your next outing is a huge success!

Salmon Or Trout For Dinner?

If you are planning on going salmon or trout fishing and need some trolling gear, FishinGurus.com is the one stop-shop to buy everything you need. We even got you covered with cleaning supplies to prepare your catch! Salmon and trout fillets are very tasty, not to mention the caviar is to die for! 

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