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One of the most popular baits to use when trolling for trout and salmon on the Great Lakes are spoons. They are a very versatile bait, and come in an array of different shapes, weights, lengths, and widths. The action can be varied just by changing the speed of the troll, and the color options are endless. FishinGurus.com has a great selection of trolling spoons, to help you catch more fish no matter what you're after.

UV And Glow Options

On the Great Lakes, and all of salmon and trout fishing, one of the hottest new trends in spoons are spoons with UV reflective paints. The UV reflective finish reflects UV light better than standard finishes, which makes it easier for fish to find the spoons, especially down deep. FishinGurus. com stock UV spoons and glow spoons from popular companies like Moonshine, Luhr Jensen, Warrior, Pro King, and Michigan Stinger just to name a few. We stock different sizes to help you match the bait where you are fishing, and have some of the best producing patterns on the market.

If you want to add to your trolling arsenal and get some new spoons, FishinGurus.com has what you need.

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