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Planer Boards & Acc.

Planer Boards & Acc.

Planer Boards are a great way to reduce tangles and cover  more water when you're out trolling no matter what species your after. They are designed to run away from the boat, and keep lines spread out.

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FishinGurus.com has a great selection of planer boards from all different companies, as well as in different sizes. We have everything from small planer boards for running small cranks for walleyes and crappie, all the way up to big boards for running multiple lines off of one board and for running full cores of lead core line without diving the board. We carry planers from well known brands like Scotty, Church Tackle, Opti Tackle, Yellow Bird, and many others

Don't Forget Releases

Even though most of the planer boards we carry come with all the correct components and releases, we realize throughout fishing these can easily get lost or broken. For that reason, FishinGurus.com makes sure to keep a full selection of releases and other planer board accessories to make sure you can find what you need to keep your planer boards in working order and catching you fish.

The next time you looking for planer boards or planer board accessories, check out the selection at FishinGurus.com.

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