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When it comes to trolling on the great lakes, one of the most popular lures, especially trout and salmon, are trolling flies. They are a great bait to add to your spread, and generally are a go to once the sun gets up over the horizon.

Different Fish, Different Sizes

FishinGurus.com stocks a wide variety of sizes and colors in trolling flies. The reason for this is because different species have different preferences as far a color and size. We stock the popular "peanut flies" for spring cohos and brown trout. We also have regular coho flies for summer time when the fish are a little bigger but don't wnat a monster fly. We also have a great selection of flies in the four to five inch range that work great for big king salmon and lakers.

The Hottest Colors

When trolling on the Great Lakes, conditions can change quickly calling for a change in baits, or simply just the color. For this reason, FishinGurus.com stocks a wide selection of the hottest colors for catching trout and salmon. While most are shade of blues or greens, we feature a full selection of colors including whites, purples, reds, and oranges for when the fish want something different.

So when you need to add some more flies to your collection check out our selection at FishinGurus.com, we're sure to have the right trolling flies for you.


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