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DownRiggers, Parts & Acc.

DownRiggers, Parts & Acc.

Downriggers are a great way to get your lures down to the depth the fish are at while trolling. It is very efficient and takes a lot of the guess work out of wondering how far down your baits are.

More Than Just Down Riggers

When trolling with downriggers, there are many different parts accessories needed to get your baits down to the fish and keep them there. FishinGurus.com has a great selection of all these parts and accessories to help you have more success. At FishinGurus.com you can find downrigger releases, stacker releases, downrigger cable, down rigger thimbles and crimps, downrigger weights, weight retrievers,and more.

If your new to fishing with downriggers, you can check out customer reviews and videos that can give you tips, or help you pick out the right downrigger for you. You can also be sure that whether shopping online or in store, FishinGurus.com will have the downrigger parts and accessories you need, as well as the knowledge to help you catch more fish.


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