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Dodgers & Flashers

Dodgers & Flashers

Dodgers and Flashers are a great accessory to have when trolling for salmon and trout. They add flash and vibration to your trolling set up, and can help to draw fish in from a long way away.

Similar But Different

Although flashers and dodgers look very similar in the packaging, they are still different. Flashers generally give more of a spinning action,  so they give off more flash. Most of the times these are used in conjunction with flies and meat rigs, although they can be used with spoons as well. Another popular way to use flashers is just attaching them with a short leader to a downrigger ball, to add more flash and attraction to you trolling spread. Dodgers are very similiar, however they are not designed to spin, and give off a more erratic action, while dancing side to side. These are used almost exclusively with flies.

FishinGurus.com has a great selection of flashers and dodgers that is sure to meet the needs of any angler. While shopping at FishinGurus.com you can also find out how to rig each of these, as well as read reviews to help determine which flasher or fly best fits your needs.

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