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Diving Devices & Acc.

Diving Devices & Acc.

When trolling for any species, one of the most important parts to catching fish is getting your bait down to the depths that active fish are holding at. One popular way of doing this is through the use of diving sinkers and planers, and FishinGurus.com has a great selection to choose from that is sure to fit any angler's needs.

Get Down To The Fish

FishinGurus.com has a full selection of the most popular diving devices and trolling sinkers, along with all the accessories to make your next trip a success. At FishinGurus.com you will popular devices like Dipsy Divers, Slide Divers, Torpedo Divers, diving weights, and many other diving planers and directional trolling devices. We also stock all the appropriate clips and hardware to attach and detach all these devices to and from your line quickly and efficiently. You will also find snubbers to help absorb the shock of a fish hitting your baits, as well as different color tapes  for adding your own personal touch to your diving devices.

At FishinGurus.com you will not only find the products you need, but also the proper way to rig and use these products. So the next time your looking to add some more divers to your arsenal, check FishinGurus.com

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