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Cut Bait & Bait Holders

Cut Bait & Bait Holders

While lots of anglers use the typical spoons and flies while trolling for salmon and trout, another popular lures are cut bait and bait holders.

Try Something New

Although using cut baits and bait holders while trolling is not new in places like the west coast, it is a fairly new technique here on the Great Lakes. FishinGurus.com offers a great selection of cut bait heads and holders, which makes it a lot easier to troll with bait. Instead of having to cut your herring, alewife, or other bait fish at just the right angle, you can insert the head of the bait into the holder and fish! At FishinGurus.com, not only will you find cut bait heads and holders, but also entire "meat rigs" from some of the most popular brands on the market.

So if you want to try something new to try and get more fish, or you need to replace some lost or broken rigs, check out our selection of bait holders and heads at FishinGurus.com

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