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Terminal Tackle

Terminal Tackle

A Broad Selection Makes A Difference

With so many different types of anglers out there, we know that our product line must be diverse Having the right terminal tackle on hand is key to presenting your bait in the right way making it successful day fishing. If you’re going cat-fishing in a river you might need some weights, three-way swivels, and circle hooks tipped with cut bait. Maybe instead, you’re a pike and musky angler who needs more leaders because the last fish you caught bent the last tackle you used. Crafty bass fishermen need the latest drop shot rig. You may just need some simple gear like swivels, snelled hooks, removable split-shots and bobbers for a simple day on the water with your son or daughter. Whatever the case, FishinGurus.com in store or on line is where you can find everything you need and much more.

The FishinGurus.com Difference

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new angler, techniques and tackle are always changing and it can be very hard to keep up with. You can buy the hottest rig or lure on the market, but if you do not rig or use it correctly you will end up wondering why it's not working. Please do not hesitate to ask for help from our experts online or in store as there is always someone available and willing to help! Our passion and our job is to help you catch fish, and we do so by providing you with the right gear at the right prices.

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