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One of the most effective ways to fish heavy matted vegetation is through a technique called "punch fishing". This involves using a heavy 1-2 Oz weight with a slender bait, casting up into the air, and letting your bait "punch" through the vegetation and get down to the fish below these weeds. This technique is very popular in southern states like Florida and Alabama, but is quickly catching on with bass anglers all over the country. FishinGurus.com realizes this, and for that reason, we have a great selection of punch weights.

Most Popular Styles

At FishinGurus.com, you'll find the most popular punch weight styles. We not only carry lead punch weights, but also the more popular tungsten punch weights. We also carry punch weights from popular brands like River 2 Sea, Excalibur, Eco-Pro, Water Gremlin, and more. If your new to punch weight fishing, we also have videos and customer reviews to help you pick out the right gear for your next outing. 

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