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If your looking for egg weights for your next fishing outing, then you have definitely come to the right place. FishinGurus.com has a full selection of egg weights in many different sizes and materials, including lead, tungsten, and tin. We also carry egg weights from different manufacturers like Water Gremlin, South Bend, and more so you can be sure to find your favorite brand.


Egg weights are one of the most versatile weights out there, and are very popular. Part of the reason that they are so popular is that the line actually slides through the weight. Because of this, when a fish picks up your bait or lure, they can run with it without feel the resistance of a weight being attached to your line. They can be used in lakes, rivers, and anywhere in between. Lots of anglers like to use these when fishing on the bottom for catfish, carp, and other species, as well as when live bait rigging in heavy weeds, since the shape of the weight slides through weeds easier than others. 

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