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Drop Shot

Over the last few years, the drop shotting technique has quickly become a very popular way to fish for everything from bass to panfish and everyhting in between. If your looking to start drop shotting, or just looking to stock up, FishinGurus.com has everything you need, and drop shot weights are no exception.

More Than Just Lead

FishinGurus.com not only has a great selection of  lead drop shot weights, but we also have an extensive line of tungsten drop shot weights as well. Just like anything, there are advantages, as well as some dissadvantages to using tungsten weights. One of the major advantages of using tungsten is that it is much more dense than lead, so the tungsten weights are smaller than lead weights of the same weight. Additionally, because it is a more dense material, it is harder than lead, making them louder underwater, while at the same time increasing sensitivity. Just about the only disadvantage of using tungsten is that is it much more expensive than lead. 

Different Shapes

When you're looking for drop shot weights at FishinGurus.com, you will also find a large variety of different shapes as well. These will vary and some shapes are better than others for using in different types of cover. For example, a round style drop shot weight is great for using around rocks because the large, round body of the weight has a harder time dropping down between cracks in rocks and getting snagged. However, when you use a round style weight in weeds, they constantly gather weeds and are harder to fish with. The cylinder style weights' long, slender profile allow them to pass through the weeds easier, making it easier for you to fish.

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