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When it comes to fishing, there are many different rigs on the market to help present your baits, or lures, to the fish in the best way possible, depending on the situation you may find yourself in. Some of the more popular rigs are panfish rigs, Lindy rigs, perch rigs, river rigs, slip bobber rigs, sabiki rigs, and of course the A-Rig, among others. At FishinGurus.com, we not only stock the seperate components for you to make your own rigs, but we also stock premade versions of these rigs. The premade rigs are popular because they save you time on the water, and while preparing for your next trip. At FishinGurus.com you can also find videos of how to use these rigs, as well as what rigs work best for different species and and situations you may encounter while fishing. 

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