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Trailer Hooks

Trailer Hooks

Trailer hooks can help turn missed hits into landed fish. Find the trailer hooks you need to catch more fish at FishinGurus.com.

Trailer Or Stinger

At FishinGurus.com we carry a great selection of not only trailer hooks, but stinger style trailer hooks as well. Regular trailer hooks are typically large single hooks that are put on the back of a spinner bait to help you get more hookups when fish are biting short. This style is very common among pike, and especialy bass anglers. We also carry the "stinger" stlye trailer hook, which tends to be more popular with livebait and jig fisherman. The stinger is usually a small treble hook, tied to a short piece of monofilament that will hang near the tail of your minnnow or worm. Again this helps you hook more fish when they are biting light or short, as well as keeping your bait from getting stolen as often. 

So wether you need a spinnerbait trailer hook, or a stinger for your jigs for your next walleye trip, you can find it at FishinGurus.com

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