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Swimbait Hooks

Swimbait Hooks

Plastic swimbaits are great for going after all different species of fish. When teamed up with the right size and style hook, these baits can be thrown just about anywhere. FishinGurus.com has the right swimbait hooks for you, now matter what you're after.

Whats Your Preference

When it comes to swimbait hooks, there are generally two styles:with a rigging pin system, and without a rigging pin system. At FishinGurus.com you will find a great selection of both styles of these hooks, in both weighted and non-weighted versions, as well as a great range of sizes. If you're looking for a little something extra for your swimbaits, we also have swimbait hooks with spinner blades attached. These are a great way to add a little more flash, as well as vibration to your plastic swimbaits.

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