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Snelled Hooks

Snelled Hooks

Snelled hooks are very popular among both panfish and walleye anglers. Snelled hooks are nice for panfish and even stocked trout because when a fish swallows a hook, you can unclip the snell and replace your hook with out tying a knot. Walleye anglers like these for the same reason, as well as having better hook setting power over a regular knot.

  Perfect Snells For Every Angler

FishinGurus.com has a wide selection of snelled hooks to suit any angler's needs. We have snelled aberdeen hooks, baitholder hooks, plain shank hooks, and octopus hooks. We even have wire snelled hooks for anglers fishing where there might be pike or muskie around. We also have walleye snells from Owner and Gamakatsu in different lengths, and with different hook sizes. No matter if your looking for snelled hooks for panfish, walleyes, bass, or any other species, you can find it at FishinGurus.com.

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