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Circle Hooks

Circle Hooks

Circle hooks have become a very popular choice among live bait anglers, especially catfish and pike and muskie anglers.

Protect Your Fish

The reason that circle hooks are so popular among anglers is their ability to hook fish, without them getting gut hooked. The reason they don't gut hook fish is because of the small bend at the end of the hook point. The worst part about the circle hooks is learning the "hook set" because you actually don't set the hook. Once the fish grabs the bait, the angler just has to apply pressure slowly and when the fish feels the pressure and turns it's head, the fish sets the hook itself. At FishinGurus.com, we have a great supply of sizes and colors, so no matter if you want to drift fatheads for walleyes, or big suckers for muskie, you can be sure to find the hooks you need.

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