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Baitholder Hooks

Baitholder Hooks

If you like using worms for live bait, or like threading your plastics onto the hook, bait holder hooks are what you need.

For Live Bait And Plastics

At FishinGurus.com we carry a large selection of baitholder hooks that are perfect for every fisherman, whether they are using live bait or plastic worms. The reason this style hook is popular for using these baits is because of the two barbs that are on the shank of the hook. Once you thread your bait up over the barbs on the shank of the hook, it is harder for the baits to slip down, or get pulled off of the hook. For this reason, anglers using live bait such as worms, minnows, or even chicken liver often use these hooks. These hooks are also popular with plastics fisherman that like fish an exposed hook, and just thread the bait on the hook. So whether you need hooks to take the kids fishing, or are looking for a simple way to rig some plastics, FishinGurus.com has the baitholder hooks you need. 

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