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Aberdeen Hooks

Aberdeen Hooks

Aberdeen hooks are a very popular choice for panfish anglers around the country. FishinGurus.com has a wide variety fo aberdeen hooks that's sure to fit every angler's needs.

Perfect For Crappies

When it comes to using live bait for crappies, and any other panfish, aberdeen hooks are a very popular choice. There are a couple reasons for this. The first is that the long shank on the hook, makes it easy to remove the hook, even when the fish swallows the bait deep in their mouth. The other thing that makes them popular especially for crappies is the fact that the hook easily bends out when snagged on rocks and trees. FishinGurus.com has a great selection of sizes, styles, and colors of aberdeen hooks to make it easy to match the hook you need to the size of bait you are using. 

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