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The use of floats, or "bobbers" is very popular among anglers. It allows us to present our baits at a oreset depth, and keep it there. It is also very versatile as it can be used in any type of water from small ponds, to lakes and big rivers, and everything in between. Floats can also be used for all types of fish including panfish, bass, pike, muskie, salmon and trout, walleye and everything in between.

Fixed Or Slip

At FishinGurus.com, we not only stock fixed floats, but also slip floats. Anglers usually like fixed floats when fishing depths less than four or five feet. Slip floats offer more versatility for the fact that anglers can fish a bait as deep as they want to, without hindering castability. This is because of the bobber stops that are used to adujst the depth the bait is set at. At FishinGurus.com, whether you are looking for a fixed or slip float, you will also be sure to find a wide variety of sizes and styles to help match you floats not only to the size bait that you are fishing, but also to the weather and water conditions you may be fishing in. 

Night Fishing

Night fisherman will also be pleased to know that at FishinGurus.com they can find a great selection of lighted and glow floats. We carry both floats with battery style light, as well as the less expensive glow stick style lights. Although the glow sticks are less expensive, they are harder to see. Anglers will also find a selection of glow floats as well. These are the most economical choice, but at the same time are the hardest to see.

So no matter if you need tiny floats for panfish and trout, a big float for sucker fishing for musky, or a lighted float for fishing walleyes at night, you can be sure to find what you need at FishinGurus.com. You can also check our customer reviews and videos for tips and tricks on float fishing, or if you need help picking out the right float. 

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