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Tackle Storage

Tackle Storage

Tackle Storage

Keeping your fishing tackle organized is crucial for any serious angler. Nothing is more frustrating then reaching for a lure and pulling six others up with it. Although new technologies in the industry have advanced fishing, it has also presented anglers with the challenge of keeping the many different types of tackle neat and organized. After all, the faster you can get your bait in the water the quicker your going to start catching fish. 

Boxes, Bags, Wraps and More

Every angler has his own system for keeping his or her gear organized. Regardless of your preferred method, FishinGurus.com has the selection you need to help keep your gear neat and ready to go. We carry small utility boxes to keep your terminal tackle items separated, as well as specialty boxes and wraps for sorting your different lure types and line. We also have special items for storing pre tied rigs. We carry the traditional one, two, and three tray tackle boxes along with the monster Hip Roof boxes if you need serious storage. You can be sure that FishinGurus.com has what you need to help you sort out your gear.

Brands You Can Trust

FishinGurus.com carries the brands you've learned to trust. Brands like Plano, Flambeau, Shimano, Berkley, Northland and Lindy are just a few that are all available at great prices here at FishinGurus.com. You can always count on FishinGurus.com to have the gear you need and trust.

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