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Spinners & Buzzbaits

Spinners & Buzzbaits

Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and in-line spinners are some of the most verstile lures on the market. They can be used to catch all kinds of fish, and come in many different sizes, colors, shapes, blade styles, and materials. Fishingurus.com has a great selection of spinners and buzzbaits from popular brands like Mepps, Booyah, River2Sea, Molix, Boogerman, Oslo and more, along with the knowledge to help you pick out the right type of bait  for your situation.

Great For Beginners

Perhaps one of the best things about spinners and buzzbaits, besides their fish catching ability, is the fact that they are one the easiest lures to catch fish on. The simple way they are just cast out and reeled back in make it a perfect lure for transitioning beginners or kids from live bait to lures. Along with being easy to use, they also catch just about every type of fish that swims, as well as working almost year round.

Fish From Top To Bottom

Just because they work great for beginners, doesn't mean spinners and buzzbaits should be left out of the experienced angler's arsenal. These are great lures too use as search baits, and they allow an angler to cover large stretches of water very quickly, while trying to locate active fish. Depending on the weight and speed of retrieve, you can fish these style baits from the surface, all the way down to the bottom of the water column. So if you want to add some spinnerbaits, in-line spinners, or buzzbaits to your tackle box, check out our inventory at Fishingurus.com for the hottest brand at the best prices!

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