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Spinnerbaits are one of the most versatile lures we can use, being efficient in many types of conditions throughout the year. Anglers can use spinner baits regardless of the season, spring, summer, fall or winter regardless of the water clarity and temperature. 

The design of the spinnerbait is a simple "v" shaped wire which the blades are attached to along with a molded lead head and a sharp hook covered in a soft skirt material. The spinnerbait has a smooth, flowing action that mimics a swimming baitfish. The blades vibrate and flash, attracting the attention of predators. You can use spinnerbaits in most bass-fishing situations, but they are especially suited to fishing shallow cover.

Fishingurus.com has a huge variety of spinnerbaits available in store and online. You can shop several sizes, models and colors and get a few different ones to experiment and see which attract fish more. If you have any questions regarding spinnerbaits, you can access our online forum and talk to professional anglers or stop by our location and ask for in store guidance from one of our staff members.


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