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Anglers say this is the most exciting bait ever used in bass fishing. The so called “heart attack lures”, buzzbaits, are the most productive bass baits, especially if they are used in late spring.

The buzz baits have a pretty interesting design. It’s a metal-headed lure that has a rotating propeller on a wire arm that was made to run on the surface. An angler casts it out, then buzzes it past or over stumps, logs, brush, grass, docks and other shallow cover.

This type of buzz bait has plenty advantages. It can cover a lot of water fast, can help anglers in location the concentrations of bass and it’s an amazing lure for catching big bass.

There are two types of buzzbaits, clakers and squealers. They have their own features and can be used in different conditions, but they both are must haves in a bass fisherman’s tackle box.

No matter what type of buzzer bait you prefer, fishingurus.com has both of them in a wide range of sizes, models and colors.

If your tackle box is missing the buzzbaits and you plan on going bass fishing, you have to stop by fishinguru.com and upgrade your bait box.

You will be so amazed by the results buzzbaits deliver, that you will forget about all other baits and stick to this ones, to catch that big bass you are aiming for.

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