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Soft Plastic Tubes are a great bait that can be used to catch many different species, depending on the size of tube used. FishinGurus.com has a great selection of tubes in all different sizes and colors to help you catch more fish no matter what you're after.

Different Sizes For Different Fish

Depending on the size of the tube, they can be used to catch a wide variety of fish. Many panfish and trout anglers like to use tubes with a tube jig inserted in the hollow core of the tube under float. Twitching the float makes the tubes rise and fall, imitating a fleeing or dying baitfish. Panfish and trout tubes are found in a wide variety of colors with the most popular sizes being one to two inches.

Tubes are also a very popular option among bass anglers. Tubes are used to imitate a crawfish or bottom dwelling minnow, like gobies. Another reason bass anglers like tubes is for their versatility. Tubes can be rigged with a jig head, texas rigged, carolina rigged , florida rigged, along with many other ways. Three and four inch tubes are what bass fisherman will typically use, although tubes five inches and larger are also used.

Whether your after panfish, trout, bass, or just about any other type of fish, you can be sure to find what you need at FishinGurus.com. No matter what size, we carry a great selection of colors to help you catch more fish no matter what conditions you're faced with.

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