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Although live bait is still the most popular choice among panfish anglers, plastics in smaller sizes geared toward panfish are quickly becoming a very popular choice. At FishinGurus.com, we take panfish seriously, and if you want proof of that, just take a quick look through our selection of panfish plastics.

Save Money, Fish Plastics

Although live bait is very effective for all types of panfish, there are a couple downsides to using it. The two most common downsides being that you have to worry about keeping it cold enough, or warm enough from dying, and when the fish are in frenzy, the task of constantly rebaiting a hook or jig can get annoying. For these reason's FishinGurus.com has one of the best selections of panfish plastics you can find. We stock small plastic minnows, twister tails, swimbaits, trailers and more. We also have a great selection of Berkley GULP! baits, specifically designed for panfish in small one inch sizes, and shaped to mimic panfish forage like hellgramite, leeches, fry, and underwater insects. Any serious panfish angler is sure to be pleased when they see our panfish plastic selection.

Another great reason to use plastics for panfish is that they are great when fishing with beginners, or kids. Using panfish plastics not only eliminates mess and waste, but also keeps the angler longer, and gets them back in the action quicker once a fish is caught.

So if your looking to try something new for some bruiser bluegills, or just want to save some money on livebait, check out the selection of panfish plastics at FishinGurus.com.

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