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When the weather gets hot and the weeds and slop start to take over, Frogs can be the best way, if not the only way to get strikes.

Never Be Afraid Of Slop Again

One of the most fun ways to fish for bass is throwing topwater frogs through the slop. Fishing this way can yield some very big fish, as well as vicious strikes. FishinGurus.com stocks a full selection in both rigged soft plastic frogs, and rigable soft plastic frogs. Although these styles can be used almost interchangeably, the pre rigged frogs tend to do better in heavier slop than rigable, or "speed" frogs. We also stock popping frogs which are great for use along weed edges, or in more sparse weed conditions.

Anglers who shop at FishinGurus.com will be pleased to find not only a fantastic supply of frogs in different sizes and colors, but a full selection of proper hooks and other rigging accessories to go with it. Froggers will also find a great selection of heavy duty rods, reels, and lines to make sure you can get those big bass out once you hook them.

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