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Drop Shot

Drop Shot

Drop Shot fishing has quickly become a staple among bass fishermen, especially those fishing in clear water. FishinGurus.com stocks a great selection of drop shot baits in all different colors, shapes, and sizes that's sure to please any angler, no matter where they fish.

More Than Just Worms

FishinGurus.com stocks more than just the standard drop shot worm. When you shop FishinGurus.com, you'll find minnow style drop shot baits, creature style drop shot baits, leeches, bluegills, and many more. We also carry drop shot baits from some of the biggest names in the industry like Jackall, Molix, Chompers, Strike King, Nories, Gary Yamamoto, Roboworm, and more. Although there are many baits out there that can be used to drop shot, FishinGurus.com stocks a large selection of baits designed specifically for drop shotting. Most of these baits will be compact in size, with ultra-realistic finishes, floating plastic, and some even have air pockets to keep them up off the bottom.

Along with a great selection of drop shot baits, FishinGurus.com also has a great selection of drop shot weights, drop shot hooks, and other drop shotting accessories like flourocarbon leader material or small swivels. Anglers can also check out our videos and customer reviews to find out what other customers like, or for tips on drop shot fishing.

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