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Soft plastic craws are a popular bait for bass, however, they can be used to catch a variety of species. 

Rig It How You Want

FishinGurus.com has a great selection of soft plastic crawfish baits, along with all the accessories you could need to rig them. At FishinGurus.com jigs, hooks, weights, beads and anything else you coould need for proper rigging. Craw baits are most commonly fished on a texas-rig, however, fishing them on jigs is another popular option. We also stock pre- rigged craw baits like the River2Sea Standin' Yabbie, which make rigging as simple as tying on a hook. FishinGurus.com not only stocks craw baits from many different companies, but also stocks many different sizes and colors to make sure you can "match the hatch" no matter where you are fishing. 

The next time you need to restock on your soft plastic craws, check out our selection at FishinGururs.com.


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