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Biodegradable baits are great way to fish, with less impact on the environment.

Fish More, Pollute Less

Perhaps one of the most popular biodegradable baits on the market is Berkley GULP!. FishinGurus.com stocks a great selection in all different styles of baits. We have these baits in minnows, leeches, worms, larvaes, and more. There are also plenty of sizes to choose from depending on what you are fishing for and a wide array of colors. These baits are made a of synthetic, water based material that are packed with GULP scent and will dissolve over time. FishinGurus.com also stocks other biodegradable baits from Uncle Josh, which unlike the GULP baits are made from natural pork rinds instead of a synthetic material. 

Just as with all our products, when it comes to biodegradable baits, FishinGurus.com is sure to have everything you need, at a price you'll love.

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