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Scents & Bait Preparation

Scents & Bait Preparation

As fishermen, we're always looking for an edge, or just a way to catch more fish. One of the easiest ways to do this is by enhancing our baits and lures with different scent, colors, and flavors. At Fishingurus.com, we carry a wide variety of different scents and other bait prep accesories. At Fishingurus.com, we carry products from popular manufacturers like Berkley, Pautzke, Pro- Cure, Megastrike, Atlas Mike's, Spike-It, and more!

Tweak Your Baits

Fishingurus.com not only has scents for your baits, but also a great variety of dyes, egg cures, and flavors to add to your baits. These accessories can help make your bait just a little different than everyone else's, which can lead to more fish in the boat.

Curing Eggs

If your a salmon or steelhead fisherman looking for the hottest new egg cures and accessories, Fishingurus.com is the site for you! We have a great selection of not only dry and wet egg cures, but also all the thread, netting, and floaters you need for making spawn bags! We also have cure that work great for curing herring, alewives,or other bait fish for trolling.

Carp And Catfish

Fishingurus.com is proud to have a great selection of bait accesories for carp and catfish as well. At Fishingurus.com you can find pack baits, fish pellets, flavored corn, method mixes, and a variety of different bait additives and flavors to give your baits the extra kick they need. So if your looking for the perfect scents or bait accessories for your next trip, check out what Fishingurus.com has to offer, you won't be dissapointed!

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