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Bait Netting & Acc.

Fishingurus.com’ Scents and bait preparation department has everything you need when it comes to preparing and taking care of your bait properly.

We are your one stop shop when you plan on shopping for all bait netting solutions and accessories. Top quality products, at amazing prices will make your live easier, improving the quality of your baits.  And that can only mean more fish in your net!

One of the netting available in store and online at fishingurus.com comes from Redwing Tackle. The Blackbird Spawn Net by Redwing Tackle is a soft, undetectable netting used for making egg sacs. This netting comes in a package containing 23 feet of netting. The netting is 2 3/4" wide. Blackbird Spawn Net is made in Canada by Redwing Tackle, and is preferred by steel-head anglers!

When it comes to threads, we prefer and recommend one of the best on the market.

Spider Thread is "the no knot wonder" thread for all your tying needs. This thread makes tying faster, easier and mess-free. To use this thread you just wrap it several times then snap it off. It is very popular for tying egg sacs.

Check out fishingurus.com for all the bait netting solutions and accessories. If you order online, we offer free shipping. And you can also take advantage of our discount available in store and online.

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