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Even if muskies can be caught with a variety of lures, nothing compares to the top water ones which give anglers the thrill of playing “cat and mouse” with this hunting fish

Top water musky lures are most efficient if used in shallow waters and not deeper than 12 feet, as the muskies will use the shallow water areas for feeding and go back to the deeper waters for resting.

This type of musky lure will work it’s magic in both cold and warm waters, but to use them at their maximum capacity, experienced anglers recommend that you fish them when the water temperature is above 58 degrees.

This hunting fish will have an increased metabolism when the water is warm which means that it will be more interested in your bait than during the cold season.

Top water musky lures come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, with specific trait to trigger strikes. Each type of lure makes a specific sound, and having a few that make different sounds, in your tackle box, is the right recipe for success in musky fishing.  You will be able to play with different baits, at different speeds and make different movements, which will help you find the perfect technique that attracts the muskies, the most.

Fishingurus.com has a vast stock of top water musky lures in store and online, and our shop experts can help you choose a few different ones so you can experiment and field test them to find out which ones fit your fishing style the best.

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