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Muskies are a top hunting species of fish and getting them in the fishing net can be a real challenge for any angler, experienced or beginner. Catching this fish will never be easy, but having the right type of bait can help a lot, and matching their natural prey with the bait can be the key to successfully fish for muskies.

Jerbaits are the closest type of bait to a muskie natural pray and with the right technique and right movements through the water, the jerkbait will fool the hinting fish in no time.

Jerbaits have a long and slender body that is typically made of wood. Their design helps the baits to sink below the surface of the water. They are called jerkbaits due to the movements through the water. The process mimics an injured baitfish and thereby makes it attractive to a muskie.

Having an aggressive behavior, this type of hunting fish, will be attracted to the bait, believing that it’s an injured fish they can take advantage of.

There are two types of jerkbaits and each has its special features. The glider style jerckbait is usually in a horizontal plane and it jerks from side to side with a sweeping motion. When using this kind of jerbakit, fishermen need to make sure that the water they are fishing in is big enough for these movements.

The up/down style jerkbait will move up and down through the water and the angler controls the movement.

Fishingurus.com sells a wide variety of jerkbaits, in store and online, and you can find out more about this kind of lure and how or when to use it, from our online forum where real anglers share real stories, tricks and tips, with the rest of the world.

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