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Another type of musky lures available on fishingurus.com is the crankbait.

As the bucktails, the musky crankbaits are very effective lures if used in the spring.

Usually made of either wood or plastic, the musky cranckbait lures are minnow shaped, with a metal or plastic lip attached to the front end of the bait. The lip helps the bait to dive through the water column. If you want a bait that dives deeper, you should choose a crankbait that has a longer lip. The longer the lip is, the deeper the muskey crankbait will dive.

Experienced anglers recommend fishing crankbaits slowly and steady, especially in early spring. As the water temperature goes higher, by late spring, the technique can be changed with a faster retrieve, more pauses and accelerations.

This type of lure is a good bait for anglers that just started fishing with muskey lures, to get experience and improve their fishing techniques.

For the spring season, we recommend you use smaller crankbaits, between six and nine inches being the perfect size.

Fishingurus.com has a huge inventory of musky lures, in store and online. Our crankbaits line is diverse, comes in different materials, sizes and colors, so you will have plenty to choose from, in your search for the perfect crankbait.

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