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Swimbait Jigs

Swimbaits jigs will give bass that something that they haven’t seen before and they will not be able to resist it, especially if you swim the bait in a totally new manner than you did it before.

This jig is designed to do what its name suggests – swim! The eye of the bait sits at a 28 to 30 degree angle on most styles of swim jig to facilitate horizontal movement rather than the drop, drag or hop of a conventional skirted jig made for pitching or flipping into cover or for bottom-dragging. And with this kind of features, you can't go wrong. There is no way the bass won't find the movements of this bait, interesting enough to check it out and finally pull your fishing line.

Fishingurus.com has several types of swimbaits jigs available in store and online. If you need more information on this deadly combination between a jig and a swimbait, you can stop by our jigs department in store or access our online forum and talk to experienced fishermen that put this lure to test.

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