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Stand - Up Jigs

Fishingurus.com has an impressive inventory of jigs. All types, models, sizes and hundreds of colors of jigs, from well-known brands, make fishingurus.com one of the best retailers when it comes to jigs.

Stand-up jigs are a special type of jigs, made to stand up to their name. When dropped to the bottom, the lure will stand up with its hook poised for a strike. The wide, flat foot slows the jig’s descent. That can keep the lure in the strike zone of suspended Walleye longer than faster falling jigs.

We recommend you try several types of jigs in our inventory. You can purchase them online or in store at fair prices. One of the stand-up jigs that our anglers prefer is the Jackall Spade stand-up jig.

This particular jig perfectly imitates shellfish legs, due to the pre-bent silicon skirt. Its shape is designed to keep the jig standing once it hits the water.

If you are interested in our stand-up jig collection, you can browse through it in store and online to see what you might like. We recommend you field-test a few different types, just to see which one is the right one for you and your fishing abilities. If you have questions or need more information on stand-up jigs, you can follow the discussions on our online forum and get tips or learn new tricks from experienced anglers or just stop by our location and talk to one of our shop experts. When it comes to stand-up jigs, and any type of jigs for that matter, fishingurus.com is the best place to shop.

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