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Many anglers believe that jigs are the most versatile and productive lures, because they work with a wide variety of species, no matter the conditions.

Most fishing jig heads are made of lead. This is the material that gives this type of lure, its weight.

Jigs have a simple design and come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. When choosing the jig head color, any fisherman should consider the water.  There are certain jig heads that work better in clear water than in stained water and there are jig heads that can be used in dark waters.

The colors vary from natural tones to fluorescent, metallic or two tone and glow finishes.

To find the colors that fit the type of water you are fishing in, perfectly, you will have to experience a little with several colors and see which one works best.

That’s why we recommend that anglers have several colors jig heads available in their tackle box.

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