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Flippin' Jigs

Most flipping jigs feature sharply pointed noses, a good weed guard, full skirts, a big, sharp, thick wire hook and a rattle.

One of the most important parts of the flipping jig is the hook. That’s why, when choosing flipping jigs we recommend you look at these that have name-branded hooks. The cheaper versions will only give you hard times, so try to get a top-quality product that has the hook laser sharped.

One of the most important parts of a flipping jig has to be the hook. This is certainly the business end when it comes to landing fish, and quality, strength, and sharpness must all be present for the package to work.

The chemically sharpened hooks are very good too, adding assurance to your fishing success. A number 5/0 hook seems to be the standard size with flipping jigs, so we recommend you trying to find jigs that work with this or a closer size hook.

Fishingurus.com is the best place to “fish” for flipping jigs. All sizes, colors and brands are on the store’s shelves waiting to get into your tackle box before hitting the waters. If you need guidance of tips in using the flipping jigs, please contact one of our shop assistants or log into our online forum and ask the pros how they do it.

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