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Ice fishing tip-ups can be really helpful for your fishing adventure, but choosing the right one can take some time. There is a wide variety of tip-ups, made with different materials, the come in different sizes and weights, so you will have to take some time and study all your options, before you purchase one.

Even if sometimes fancy looks and features are welcomed, if you are a passionate angler that goes ice fishing quite often during the winter season. You might want to look for durability when choosing your tip-up. Durability is one of the most important features and you will know if the tip-up you like will last you longer by the materials used to manufacture it.

From our experienced anglers we know that the wood or metal pop-ups will last longer, even if they are not as light weighted as the plastic ones. The plastic tip-ups are easier to handle due to lighter weight, but the prolonged exposure to sun and low temperatures can break them. If you are planning to go ice fishing only a few times during winter, than a plastic tip –up will be right for you.

Most tip-ups are designed so that the line spool is underwater when the tip-up is set up. The water protects the spool and line from freezing in the cold air. Some tip-ups, however, use a windlass design that keeps the line spool and most of the tip-up above the water.

No matter what type of tip-up you intend to buy, fishingurus.com has a wide variety and we know for sure that you will find the perfect one for you, in our store. Just stop by or visit us online and select the tip-up that you like most. If you cannot decide, one of our shop experts will be more than happy to guide and help you will all the tips and information you need in choosing the tight tip-up.

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