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Ice Shelters

Your ice fishing trip can be a great one or it can turn quickly into a nightmare. It all depends on your level of preparation.

Having all the gear and equipment is a major fact that can influence how your day will go. Also, having a back-up plan will make any things that go wrong, fixable. If you are using an electric or gas/propane auger, make sure you have a manual one, just in case. If you are planning in spending the whole day on the ice, make sure you have the right clothes and footwear to keep you dry and warm.

And if it’s windy or it starts snowing, you will need an ice shelter to help you extend the hours you plan on spending out there.

Ice shelters protect you from cold winds and heavy snow, without affecting your ice fishing. There are certain augers that can be used inside an ice shelter so you don’t have to worry about making holes and stay away from the cold wind, at the same time.

You can bring your fishing chair and some light inside the shelter to make your fishing experience even more comfortable. That way, you will be spending a lot more hours fishing than out on the open icy waters.

Fishingurus.com offers a wide variety of ice shelters at great prices, online and in store. Just browse through our inventory and choose the one that make you look good on ice while keeping you protected from cold wind and heavy snow. With our ice shelters, you ice fishing adventure will be incredibly comfortable!

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