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Ice Safety

Ice fishing can be an excellent experience if you have all the right ice fishing accessories and gear.

Fishing in cold weather and icy waters can become a hassle if the equipment you are using is not specially made for this type of fishing.

That’s why, any angler, including the weekend anglers that go ice fishing only a couple times during winter season, need to make sure that they have all the gear that’s necessary and that is properly functioning.

Having the proper clothing and footwear will extend your stay on the ice and will make your experience more enjoyable.

A good pair of boots to keep you warm and dry is a must. And so are the ice cleats attached to the boots. Cleats will help you walk on that ice with confidence and never worried about falling.

Quality cleats are a good investment even for weekend anglers, due to their multiple usages. You can put them on while you shovel the show on your driveway or even use them if you’re going on a hiking trip on snowy days.

You can attach the ice cleats to any pair of boots so you don’t have to worry about having to invest in special winter boots. You just fasten the cleats to your favorite pair of boots and start walking on snow and ice, with no effort at all.

Fishingurus.com has a wide range of ice cleats that come in multiple sizes so you can buy a pair for each member of your family. Shop our ice cleats inventory and you’ll never have to worry about icy surfaces at all. You’ll walk them with confidence, enjoying every step of the way.

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