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Ice Lures

Besides the special fishing gear you need when planning your ice fishing day, you will need special bait to attract these fish. And in that cold water, the bait needs to be worthy for the fish to come closer to it.

Ice fishing jigs are the way to go for several species of fish, from walleye, bass and pan fish to crappie, perch, trout, bluegill and even sunfish.

The perfect lure will prove itself successful, no matter how low the water temperature is and what light conditions you are fishing in.

Fishingurus.com has a fine line of ice fishing lures, for all species of fish. All our ice fishing jigs have been field-tested by most experienced anglers and proved to be really efficient. Choosing ice-fishing lures from our inventory will help you put more fish on ice, the whole winter season. Jigs are available in sizes and patterns to cover every ice fishing situation and every species from walleyes to pan fish.

If you have any questions abut our ice fishing baits, please contact one of our shop experts in store or access our online forum and discuss tips and tricks with experienced anglers.

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