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Ice Augers

The first thing you need for a day of ice fishing is a quality, durable and easy to use ice auger. FishinGurus.com has a wide variety of electric, gas, propane and hand augers. Depending on the lakes you fish, there's the right auger for you at FishinGurus.com.

A Must Have Tool For Ice Fishing

There are many pieces of equipment an ice fisherman needs to have a successful day ice fishing but one of the most important is an ice auger. We cut holes to check the thickness of the ice, what depth were in and if there's any structure. Of course, once we found the right spot, we cut holes to fish out of as well.

Why So Many Styles

Depending on the area you live in and the weather, the ice can get pretty thick at times. As the ice grows thicker, it becomes harder to drill through by hand. Power Augers come in very handy when the ice gets over the 8" mark. Sure you can still drill by hand but the overall number of holes you drill will decrease! When you fish larger bodies of water it's nice to have lighter weight augers to carry around.

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