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Top water Baits

Top water Baits

If you ask any angler what is his favorite type of lure, nine times out of ten they will answer topwater! To see the fish chase your bait then explode on it is just an amazing sight!

When To Use Topwater

Topwater lures really become effective right after the spawn in late spring and work through out  the summer and into fall. The best times to throw them during this period is early in the morning, the last hour of daylight and on cloudy days. Of course, you can catch fish on topwater frogs on a sunny day but baits like plastic worms, jigs and Carolina rigs can be more effective in this situation.

Types Of Topwater

In the world of topwater lures there are many different styles that produce different actions. Under certain conditions, one style may work better than another so you need to be familiar with all the styles. Here is a quick rundown of the different styles. Poppers- are retrieved with a series of twitches and pauses to create a popping sound at the surface. You can play with the retrieve speeds to find out what the bass want for that day. Fish this lure around different types of structure for best results. Walk the dog- lures are very effective but takes a little more skill from the fisherman to impart the proper action. Give the lure a twitch but give it slack immediately and twitch it again. Once you get into a smooth rhythm the bait should walk side to side across the surface. This lure works well around all types of cover and open water as well. Prop baits- have been around for a very long time and still catching fish. They are pretty simple to use since all you need to do is retrieve it straight in. If you like, you can do a start, stop retrieve to give it a wounded baitfish look. This bait you will want to fish as close to cover as you can to draw a fish to strike. If your in open water make it a noisy retrieve by reeling it in faster. Buzzbaits- are a great search bait since they work just like spinnerbaits. Simply cast them out and retrieve them straight in with no jerks or pauses. Buzzbaits sink when not retrieving them so keep a steady speed and keep your rod tip up. Throw these lures in and around all sorts of cover, except heavy weeds. I like to throw a buzzbait through sparse lily pads around docks and in open water. Wake baits- are another easy lure to fish around cover. This bait looks more like a crankbait but doesn't dive. It just pushes water and creates a wake behind it. Vary your retrieve speeds to find what the fish like for that day.

FishinGurus.com carries a large selection of all types of topwaters to suit any Angler at competitive prices. If you don't see the lure your looking for or have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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