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Lipless Crankbaits

Lipless Crankbaits

Most popular in colder water, the lipless crankbait is undoubtedly one of the most versatile lures in your tackle box. You can cover water quickly searching for the active fish or you can slow it down to force a strike!

Cover A Lot Of Water

All lipless crankbaits have this uncanny ability to cast a mile and be retrieved at any speed. Since the lure sinks, you can count it down to any depth allowing the angler to fish the entire water column, with just one lure. If your searching for active fish, you can fish this lure as fast as you want and really cover water fast.

More Popular In Colder Water

In the colder water baitfish movements become sluggish. When this happens, a lipless baits thin profile and it's tight little wiggle pretty much match the movements of a lethargic baitfish over the traditional wide wobble of a crankbait. Being able to count the lure down to the desired depth allows you to be in the strike zone longer on each cast. Nothing beats match the hatch.

Don't Be Afraid Of Cover

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to lose your lipless crankbait when fishing in and around cover. While standard crankbaits are designed with a bill to help with deflection, a lipless crankbait is different. To achieve its trademark tight wiggle, you won’t find a bill. The result is a fish-magnet that’s prone to hang-ups. Well, here's a few tips to help keep some of your lures out of snags. USE BRAIDED LINE- since braided line has no stretch as soon as your lure hits cover you'll feel it with ample time to pop your upwards to lift your lure away from the cover. SPEED UP YOUR RETRIEVE- a slow retrieve will allow the bait to roll over cover and hang up where a fast retrieve puts the hooks behind the bait and bounce off cover. KEEP YOUR ROD TIP UP- a high rod tip will keep the nose of the lure facing down to act as a deflector. This will keep the lure higher up in the water column.

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