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Early on, crankbaits gained the reputation of being a simple cast and retrieve bait, meaning that just about any Angler could cast one out, reel it back in and catch a fish. Well, those days are long gone.

So Many Styles

Crankbaits come in three main styles; floating, sinking and suspending. From these three main styles crankbaits branch off to shallow, medium and deep runners. Some cranks will have rattles for extra sound and some are silent for when bass are not as aggressive. Now, all of these types branch off to many different body shapes and sizes to fit any situation. Crankbaits can be pretty intimidating to beginner Anglers at first, since there are so many styles to choose from.

How And When To Fish Cranks

With all these different styles of crankbaits, how do you know which one to throw and when? Here we will give you a simple breakdown to get an understanding of choosing the right bait that will catch you more fish. First, match the hatch. If shad are the abundant food source then you will want to choose a shad style bait in about the same size. Next, look at the water clarity. If the water is clear choose shades of green,brown and more natural patterns like bluegill or shad. If it's dark water choose brighter colors like firetiger or chartreuse. Last but not least, check out the structure situation. Look for weeds, depth and hard cover like wood or rock piles. Now we can choose a shallow, deep or suspending bait that fits our needs. Answering these questions will put you on the right track to a successful day of fishing.

FishinGurus.com has a large selection of crankbaits at competetive prices from many manufacturers. If you have any questions on fishing with crankbaits you can always call \ email the store or check out our forum and ask other anglers for their opinions.

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