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Casting Spoons

Casting Spoons

The metal fishing spoon lure was believed to be first used back in the 1840′s. Spoons are a simple design, an oblong shape, concave on one side that catches water producing a wobble and light reflecting flash imitating a fleeing or crippled bait fish.

Whats The Deal With Spoons

The long standing popularity of spoons comes from it's ease of use as a fish will actually hook itself when it grabs a spoon. There are four main styles of spoons; Casting, trolling, weedless and jigging spoons. Spoons are usually stamped, forged or molded from brass, copper, steel or lead. Spoons typically work best for larger predators such as large mouth bass, muskies, pike, walleye, salmon and trout. The action of a spoon is based on it’s shape and thickness. A long spoon will display a wider side to side wobble than a shorter spoon. A deep concave spoon will also produce a wider wobble than a flatter spoon. Thin spoons used for trolling have an erratic wobble compared to thick spoons but thick spoons have some advantages, the extra weight casts better, sinks faster and will run deeper than thinner spoons.

 Why Are Spoons So Effective

When casting or trolling a spoon the speed is critical for success, if fished too slow or too fast the spoon will not wobble properly. You should experiment with each spoon you use to find the precise speed to perform the way it was intended. Most spoons are painted on one side with a polished metallic surface on at other side to reflect the sunlight making the spoon more visible. Some spoons have a hammered or a rippled finish that scatters light in multiple directions just as baitfish scales do naturally. When casting a spoon anglers will cast 10 to 20 feet beyond the area they believe the fish are and retrieve through the strike zone. For flat line trolling from behind a boat, the speed and amount of line out should be the main consideration, as well as in using depth control rigging such as downriggers and dipsey divers.

Depending on what type of water you plan to fish in, you can find all the casting spoons that fit your needs perfectly, here at FishinGurus.com. If you have any questions regarding any of our casting spoons you can give us a call or email or you can ask other anglers on our forum.

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