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Blade Baits

Blade Baits

The blade bait is a very basic yet versatile lure that imitates a bait fish that has been around for many years. This lure can catch just about any species of fish that eats bait fish.

The Best Time To Use A Blade Bait

Most popular in colder water and rivers, the Blade Bait can catch just about any species your after. It is versatile enough to jig it vertically, fish it slow or fast and even troll it. The most popular time to throw blade baits is in early spring, before the weeds come up, when fish are becoming more active after the long winter months. In rivers, blade baits can be fished throughout the summer since the weeds usually aren't as thick as they are in smaller lakes and ponds. Used for bass, walleyes, northern pike and other species as well, blade baits can be a fisherman’s only option when the water is too cold and fish are not interested in any other bait.

Choose Wisely

Being a reaction-bait, a blade works perfectly for river fishing. The wide variety of colors and sizes will come in handy when the water is dirty or your trying to "match the hatch". We recommend our anglers to choose the colors and sizes that match their bait-fish, if that is possible, but when the water is dirty, the blade baits need to stand out, so a larger, brighter color is better.

FishinGurus.com has a variety of blade baits for sale in store or on line at competitive prices. If you are not sure which one to choose, we suggest you try a few and see what you like best or check our forum and see what other fisherman have as their favorites!

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