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Fly Rods

Even if you are fishing for decades or you just started a few months ago, the emotion you feel when you realize a fish has taken the fly will be always the same for everyone.

But to get there, to feel that emotion, several times during a single day, you need the right fly-fishing gear. And the most important of them all is the rod. Choosing the right rod and deciding on which one is the perfect one for you, will help you choose the other pieces of equipment you need, such as the fly line

Fishingurus.com has in the fly-fishing special department all the gear and fly fishing accessories you might need for a perfect fishing day, including the best rods on the market. Several models from different brands will help you choose the right fly rod for you

When choosing your fly-fishing rod you need to look for and take into consideration all the features they have, the quality, the material used, their versatility and durability. Most of the rods we have available for sale in store and online are versatile; they provide exceptional feel and balance and are high-performance rods.

Others were designed for bass fishing and are good for casting over sized flies or have higher strength for fighting bigger fish. There are several fly rods that are specially made for trout and short or medium casting distance.

Regardless of the type of rod you might need, fishingurus.com is the place you will find it. Our experienced staff will help you and offer you guidance, in store or online, to help you choose the right fly-fishing products that fit your needs, technique and expectations the best.

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